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عملاق الحماية المجاني Avira Free
Security Suite بأحدث نسخة برابط مباشر محدث

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برنامج حماية من الفيروسات وملفات التجسس والهكر والاختراقات وحماية وردع كل متطفل يحاول اقتحام كمبيوترك وسرقة خصوصيتك او تهديدك

Antivirus, optimization software and a VPN in the same package

The collection of tools in Avira Free Security Suite includes the Avira Free Antivirus, the Avira System Speedup, and the Avira Phantom VPN, all working together to turn your daily computer sessions into a secure, fast and private experience.All the aforementioned applications can be easily managed via the Avira Connect, an application that runs in the system tray and enables you to check protection tools on the local computer and other devices. Using Avira Connect, you can launch the antivirus and the other utilities included in the suite, or download and install additional Avira software.

Reliable antivirus that provides basic anti-malware protection

The Avira Free Antivirus relies on Avira's scanning engine to detect malware and potentially dangerous files before they reach your system. Furthermore, its enhanced protection system promises to detect and block ransomware before individual files or the entire system are encrypted.With real-time protection and on-demand scans of local and removable drives, as well as key system areas and running processes, it can provide the essential security level any computer should have.

Privacy protection and performance optimization

The suite also comprises Avira's VPN solution, which ensures full anonymity during browsing sessions. Phantom VPN offers one-click access to secure servers from all around the world, protecting your online privacy.The Avira System Speedup assesses the performance of your system, looking for fragmented data and settings that might slow it down. It also features a boot optimization module, and predefined power modes, alongside a plethora of tools for managing files, find errors and defragment disks, manage processes, services, and installed applications, or create backups.

Basic protection and performance improvement tools

With the ever-growing assortment of threats out there, both in number and in complexity, running an up-to-date security solution on any computer is mandatory. Avira Free Security Suite is a good choice but remember that it only offers essential security and system optimization tools
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